Michigan Agriculture in the Classroom

Processing and Packaging Careers


Processing and packaging delivers the goods

Ever wonder how crackers keep from breaking while in transit from a bakery to grocery store, or how they stay fresh until you open the package? Processing and packaging professionals do! Once agricultural commodities leave the farm, it's their job to get products in consumers' hands.

Outlined below is a sampling of careers the processing and packaging sector has to offer. The amount of training required is a general guide. More or less training could be necessary for a specific job.

High school tips

If you're in high school and interested in a processing and packaging career requiring a four-year degree or additional education, it is recommended you take biology, math or design courses in addition to the suggested college preparatory courses determined by the college of your choice. It is also beneficial to take career and technical education courses relating to agriculture, graphic or computer animated design, or mechanics.

If a processing and packaging career requiring less training than a four-year college degree appeals to you, you're encouraged to participate in a career and technical education program relating to agriculture, graphic or computer animated design, mechanics, electrical, welding, or plumbing.

Careers that require advanced degrees:

  • Food Science Research - Processing, Packaging, Procurement Techniques, Etc.

Careers that require a 4-year college degree:

  • Engineering - Processing Equipment, Dairy/Milking Systems, Cooling/Refrigeration Units, Etc.
  • Food Processing Management
  • Labeling Design
  • Package Designer
  • Packaging Engineer
  • Packaging Technologist
  • Procurement
  • Project Leader
  • Purchasing Representative
  • Raw Products Buyer
  • Sales Representative
  • Wholesaler

Careers that require at least some post-high school training or a 2-year degree:

  • Electrician
  • Mechanic
  • Plumber
  • Welder
  • Additional Skilled Trades Positions

Careers that do not require a college degree but require certifications and training:

  • Packing House Worker
  • Processing Plant Worker