Michigan Agriculture in the Classroom

Agribusiness Careers


Agribusiness job appeal

If you're looking for a career field that offers opportunities across all sectors of agriculture consider agribusiness. Ranging from fruit and soybeans to tractors and commodity markets, agribusiness careers span the diversity of the agriculture industry.

Outlined below are just some of the possible careers that the agribusiness sector has to offer. The amount of training required is a general guide. More or less training could be necessary for a specific job.

High school tips

If you're in high school and interested in an agribusiness career requiring a four-year degree or additional education, it is recommended you take business, writing and communications/public speaking courses in addition to the suggested college preparatory courses determined by the college of your choice. It is also beneficial to take career and technical education courses relating to agriculture or business.

If an agribusiness career requiring less training than a four-year college degree appeals to you, you're encouraged to participate in a career and technical education program relating to agriculture or business.

Careers that require advanced degrees:

  • Agricultural Economist
  • Agricultural Lawyer
  • Market Analyst

Careers that require a 4-year college degree:

  • Accountant
  • Agribusiness Manager/Operator-grain elevator, feed mill, equipment/supply dealer, etc.
  • Agricultural Loan Officer
  • Agritourism Specialist
  • Commodity Broker
  • Commodity Organization Management
  • Consultant
  • Crop Insurance Sales and Claims
  • Foreign Agricultural Affairs Specialist
  • Import/Export Trade Broker
  • Lobbyist
  • Manufacturing Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Public Relations Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Statistics Analyst

Careers that require at least some post-high school training or a 2-year degree:

  • Agricultural Real Estate Agent
  • Equipment Sales
  • Farm Manager
  • Farm Market Operator
  • Feed Sales
  • Seed Sales

Careers that do not require a college degree but require certifications and training:

  • Agritourism Tour Guide
  • Farm Market