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July 2023

5 ways to talk about agriculture while teaching!


Hello, I am Kassie Acker, current Michigan Farm Bureau intern with the Center for Education & Leadership Development, agriculture education student at Michigan State University, Michigan Ag Council ambassador, and the 2023 Michigan Sugar Queen!

I am an aspiring teacher who as always enjoyed being in the classroom and loves learning. Until I walk into my own classroom, I’m enjoying my time in college collecting experiences and interactions while serving as an Ag Ambassador and through my role as Queen for the Michigan Sugar Company.

These opportunities not only connect me with farmers and agricultural leaders, but I also communicate with consumers at festivals and farmers markets across Michigan. My time is spent promoting Michigan agriculture to anyone who will listen and educating about our crops and products to those who are curious! Considering less than 2% of the United States population are farming families, there are a lot of unknown notions regarding agriculture.

So how can this be applied to your classroom? Bringing agriculture into your classroom could be the first time your students learn about how their food is raised. This is an exciting opportunity to plant the seed of agricultural curiosities into the minds of your students!

Here are 5 ways to include agriculture in your classroom this fall!
  1. Start with what the students know!
    Ask your students to share their favorite food. Finding out how their food is grown is an excellent start. Then you can begin some fun conversations about other animals and plants included in agriculture!
  2. Include agriculturally accurate books in your class library.
    An easy way to incorporate agriculture into your classroom is through reading! Check out the Michigan Agriculture in the Classroom storefront to find agriculturally accurate books for students of all ages.
  3. How can they Be Agriculture?
    A farmer is the typical career thought of when agriculture is brought up. However, there are so many more job opportunities! Computer design, chemistry, art, journalism, and the list goes on! Check out the Be Agriculture Careers Guide and help your students find out how their interests can Be Ag!
  4. Provide up to date information.
    The Michigan GROWN, Michigan GREAT brand through the Michigan Ag Council provides recent facts and data regarding the 300+ products that are grown in Michigan! Their mission to raise awareness for food and agriculture can easily be adopted in your class.
  5. Find local agriculture leaders.
    Connect with your local , FFA chapter, county MSU Extension 4-H clubs, or county Farm Bureau and have them spend some time with your students! These local agriculture leaders could share their ag experiences with your students, read them an ag accurate book, or help line up an ag-related field trip. Reach out and see how they can help connect your students to agriculture within their very own community!