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January 2023

Book of the Year: I LOVE Strawberries


March is Reading Month will be here before we know it! March 19-25 is also National Agriculture Week! Incorporate agriculture with the 2023 American Foundation for Agriculture Book of the Year, I LOVE Strawberries, by Shannon Anderson.  The book explores the process of growing your own food, specifically strawberries. The author highlights the pride and joy that is felt after working hard to grow your own product through the experience of a young girl named Jolie. Jolie loves strawberries and is determined to prove that she is responsible enough to raise her own! After convincing her parents, she gets strawberry plants and works hard to take care of them throughout the summer. In the end she is so happy with how well she did, she considers growing blueberries next. The book increases agricultural understanding and fosters valuable life lessons, as well.

I LOVE Strawberries would be a great addition to your classroom's bookshelf! For more information and accompanying resources check out Feeding Minds Press by AFBF. Also, an Educators Guide that includes 8 application lessons  is available for purchase here. Start with the first lesson of planting strawberry seeds with each student! Wondering how you might fit this extra fun into your already tight timeline to meet those standards? Not to worry, each activity addresses NGSS or Common Core Standards in the beginning so you can feel confident that your students are still learning what they need to. Purchase the book at the Farm Bureau Product Store.