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April 2023

"All together now" through agriculture


Sunshine and flowers are just around the corner, and so is the Summer Reading Program! This year's public library summer reading program theme is All Together Now.  Cultures around the globe can connect to agriculture through the food we eat and the clothes we wear. Does your school partner with your public library?  Here is an agricultural guide to Summer Reading Program content designed to bring light to how agriculture relies on all people to provide food, fuel, and fiber to the ever-growing population. Check out books related to women in agriculture, cultural foods, and people who overcame challenges to be successful in agriculture like Temple Grandin. An easy way to explore diversity through agriculture is with food! Use the lesson "What's for Lunch?" to learn about cultural food differences and what contributes to diets around the globe. Check out the last page of the guide for an example of the lessons available.

Scan the QR codes to take you directly to links for books, lesson plans, and videos.  The books listed in the guide are available on the website in a bundle or individually. Add them to your classroom bookshelf or the school's library to be available to every student. For more lesson ideas, visit the Agriculture in the Classroom curriculum matrix which gives access to hundreds of free lessons.

Research shows that we can start opening students' eyes to potential careers in elementary school. This guide dedicates an entire section to career opportunities in agriculture. Use the resources provided to implement career exploration into your classroom. Every person has a place in agriculture, the sooner students learn about those opportunities the better! Unsure of where to start? Check out the forty-video series which highlights different careers in agriculture.

Below is the list of books from the guide available for purchase in our store.

Rosie the Pig is a book about a young girl taking her sick pig to a vet to get properly diagnosed and treated. The book includes checklists and pop quizzes throughout the journey to help readers retain information.

Farmer Will Allen and the Growing Table is a book based on a true story about former basketball star Will Allen turning an abandoned city lot into a flourishing garden to help feed the hungry people in his city. He sets an example of what urban agriculture is and inspires us to grow our own food even if we live in the city.

The Legend of the Poinsettia is a book telling the story of the Mexican legend of the Poinsettia. It explains how the tradition of poinsettias came to be as it shares the way of a selfless young girl.

My Louisiana Sky is a novel about a teen girl who struggles to work through the loss of her grandmother and being raised by mentally deficient parents. The young girl eventually overcomes those challenges after seeing how much her parents truly love her.

What's for Lunch? is a book that highlights different food that people eat around the world. From where the food originated to where it is commonly eaten now, it takes readers on a journey around the world through food.