Michigan Agriculture in the Classroom

Agricultural Facts

Learn Firsthand from a Farmer

To learn even more about Michigan farmers, check out the Michigan Ag Council's Michigan Grown, Michigan Great!

Jennifer Bixby

Berrien County Apple Farmer
Meet Jennifer Bixby, an apple farmer from Berrien Springs. Learn how Jennifer and her family grow healthy, nutritious apples while protecting the land and environment.

Erin Ehinger

Ottawa County Hog Farmer
Meet Erin Ehinger, a hog farmer from Holland. Become acquainted with Erin’s family and her farm and learn how Erin cares for her animals and the environment.

Jason Ruhlig

Monroe County Vegetable Farmer
Meet Jason Ruhlig and his family, vegetable farmers from Carleton. Learn how Jason cares for his vegetable crop, the land, and environment.

Ed Cagney

Kalamazoo County Soybean Farmer
Meet Ed Cagney, a soybean farmer from Scotts. Learn how Ed and his family grow soybeans and care for the land and environment through the use of new technology on their farm.

Scott Oswalt

Kalamazoo County Sheep Farmer
Meet Scott Oswalt, a sheep farmer from Vicksburg. Learn how Scott cares for his sheep and the land.

Harry Herbruck

Ionia County Poultry Farmer
Meet Harry Herbruck, a laying hen farmer from Saranac. Learn how Harry and his family raise and care for their chickens.

Jennifer Lewis

Hillsdale County Dairy Farmer
Meet Jennifer Lewis and her family, dairy farmers from Jonesville. Learn how they care for their cows and environment.

Annie Link

Kent County Dairy Farmer
Meet Annie Link, a dairy farmer from Alto. Learn how Annie and her family care for their cows and bring milk to your table.

Clark Gerstacker

Midland County Corn Farmer
Meet Clark Gerstacker, a corn farmer from Midland. Learn how Clark cares for the environment while tending to his corn crop.

Bret Schapman

Macomb County Beef Cattle Farmer
Meet Bret Schapman, a beef cattle farmer from Romeo. Learn how Bret cares for his cattle and supplies healthy, local beef.